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  Hydro Leduc XPI pump wins HaPeS 2014 Medal Monday 27 October, 2014
The Hydro Leduc XPi hydraulic piston pumps are the first bent axis pumps on the market which do not need to adjust the pump to the drive's direction of rotation. Pump automatically sets to required direction of rotation. Simply connect the suction and discharge lines to the right place.

The Hydro Leduc XPi pump was awarded with The Product Gold Medal- HaPeS 2014 award.

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WHE2024 24VDC Hydraulic Oil Cooler
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Hydro-pneumatic accumulator ACSL0.7
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61,50 € (incl. TAX)
Hydraulic piston motor M80 AD1L0M200SVF
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1.293,96 € (incl. TAX)
Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulator ABVE 4
277,00 € (excl. TAX)
340,71 € (incl. TAX)
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  Hydro Leduc Drainless Motor wins HPS 2012 Medal Viewed:1152
The Hydro Leduc drainless motor is bent axis piston motor for open and closed circuit. The motor does not require connecting drainage, and yet enables bidirectional work with full performance of the equivalent drained model.

The Hydro Leduc drainless motor was awarded with The Product - HPS 2012 award in Drive and Motors category.

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  Pumps and cartridge kits interchangeable with Denison Viewed:2171
Pumps and cartridge kits interchangeable with Denison® models of T6 mobile and industrial vane pumps.
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Hydraulics for Industry
HEKTOS offers elements of hydraulic circuits and automations for the industry like drives, controls, powering, as well as the consultancy and desigs of the hydraulic circuits. The products can be wieved in online catalog, and directly ordered or bought after registration. Since there are specialist elements often, it is worthwhile asking for details of applications, non-catalog features and possibilities. We answer every question.
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HEKTOS poleca komponenty hydrauliki siłowej takie jak akumulatory hydrauliczne czyli hydroakumulatory, pompy hydrauliczne tłoczkowe, pompy łopatkowe i pompy zębate, hydromotory - silniki hydrauliczne tłokowe, silniki orbitalne, silniki zębate, zawory i rozdzielacze w tym zamienniki produktów wielu firm. W ofercie także doradztwo i projektowanie układów.
HEKTOS offers hydraulic components i.e. hydro pneumatic accumulators, hydraulic piston, vane, and gear pumps, hydraulic motors, and valves including interchangeable ones with many other items. Consulting and design help available.